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Cyclr API Home

Cyclr provides Swagger documentation for the API. You can use the interactive API documentation to view available parameters, as well as to help you test endpoints as you work with the Cyclr API.

API domain and reference documentation

Your API domain depends on the Cyclr instance your Partner Console is hosted on:

Cyclr Console Location

API Domain

Interactive API Reference

US API Reference

US2 API Reference

UK API Reference

EU API Reference

Private Instance



API Reference Authorization

You can use your Cyclr account details to authenticate and work with all API endpoints directly within the API reference documentation.

  1. Expand the endpoint and select the OFF slider.

  2. In the new window, select either Basic auth or Request body from the dropdown.

  3. Enter the ClientID and Secret that you want to use to authenticate.

  4. Select Authorize.

Cyclr supports OAuth authentication. For more information, see the API authentication documentation.

Note: The Cyclr API is divided into two parts, the Partner Level and the Account Level, you can use the same OAuth token for both but account level methods require that the account ID header is included with the request.

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