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Step setup

The articles in this section describe how to use the Cyclr API to set the different mapping options available on a step.

You must already have a Cyclr API Access Token.

Mappings Overview

When setting a mapping on a Step through the Cyclr API, you will need to identify whether you're mapping to a Parameter or a Field.

You can do this by retrieving a Step using one of these endpoints:

  • GET /v1.0/cycles/{id}/steps

  • GET /v1.0/cycles/{id}/steps/{stepId}

The Responses from those endpoints include a Method property which contains details of the Connector Method used by the Step.

You can then check witin the Method property's Parameters and RequestFields for the particular item you wish to map to:

  • If it’s within the Parameters property, it's a Parameter and can be modified using /v1.0/steps/{id}/parameters endpoints.

  • If it’s within the RequestFields property, it's a Field and can be modified using /v1.0/steps/{id}/fieldmappings endpoints

Using an ID of the wrong type with these endpoints will return an error.

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