Velocify uses basic authentication so all you need to do is to provide a valid username/password combination for your account.

Creating Leads in Velocify

In order to create leads using the Velocify connector there are a few preliminary steps to be undertaken first:

  1. Find and run the List Fields method.

  2. Once successfully run you should have an XML object containing all the fields that you can use.

  3. Get the details of the fields you wish to use in the Create Lead method.

  4. In connector testing add the fields you wish to use to the connector in the following format: soapenv:Envelope.Field_ID_# where # is the ID of the field you wish to interact with e.g. if the First Name field had an ID of 1 then the Field Location you would create would be soapenv:Envelope.Field_ID_1, and it would be best to set the Display Name to First Name.

  5. Repeat step 4 for every field you wish to have access to, and you’re ready to start creating leads.

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