There are multiple resources available to help you succeed with Cyclr.

Community site

The community site includes:

  • Forums for you to interact with other users.
  • Tutorials and videos on the main aspects of Cyclr.
  • A page to display new features.

Note: To access the community site, you need to register an account.

You can also access the community site through the Community Site button on your Cyclr console dashboard.

Cyclr API reference

To view our Swagger docs on the Cyclr API, go to Cyclr console and select Help > Cyclr API reference.

You can also follow the link to see the API reference documentation.

Support team

You can contact the Cyclr support team through either a button in the console, or through the Cyclr Support Portal. If you can’t access either of those options, you can email instead.

Help button in the console

To contact our support team, you can select the Help button in the bottom right corner of your Cyclr console. You can then fill out the form with your details and a description of what you need. You also have the option attach up to 5 files relating to your issue.

Cyclr Support Portal

You can also go to to Submit a Request or Check your Existing Requests.

Submit a Request

When you select Submit a Request, you can enter a subject, description, and select a priority level for your issue, as well as add any relevant attachments.

Check your Existing Requests

If you or anyone at your organisation has raised an issue with the Cyclr Support Team, you’ll be able to see, update or even close these issues if you want to.

You can also see your organisation’s historical closed tickets here - this allows you to access tickets related to your organization even if the requestor isn’t available.

The portal displays both who requested each ticket and who is assigned to resolve the issue. You can also see the status, creation date and when the ticket was last updated.

If you haven’t accessed your tickets in this way before, you need to register and sign in.

To activate your access to Cyclr’s Zendesk portal:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Sign In at the top right of the screen
  3. At the bottom of the sign-in window, next to the text Have you emailed us?, select Get a password.

    A screenshot of the Cyclr Zendesk sign-in page that highlights the Get a password link.

  4. In the next window, enter the email you used for the support request into the Email field and select Submit.
  5. Go to the email you receive from Zendesk and follow the instructions to proceed.