If you require one of your clients to authenticate an Account Connector, but they don’t have access to Cyclr and don’t wish to share their credentials with you, you can generate a Connector Authentication Link.

This is a link that can be emailed and will take anyone clicking it through the authentication screens of a particular Account Connector.

To generate a Connector Authentication Link:

  • go to your Cyclr Console then the Accounts menu and Account Management.
  • click the Users button by the relevant Account.
  • click the User Settings button next to an appropriate user.
  • scroll down to the Accounts section showing what the user has access to and click the Connector Authentication Link button.
  • select the Acount Connector from the dropdown and set a date for the Link Expires After value and click Generate.

You’ll then be given a URL you can send to someone to authenticate the Account Connector.

Note: This link will only function once so after being clicked the first time, the link will no longer work.

If emailing the link, be aware that spam filters may perform the click as part of scanning an email so you may need to split the link into multiple pieces or send the link through other means.

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