If you require one of your clients to authenticate an Account Connector, but they don’t have access to Cyclr and don’t wish to share their credentials with you, you can generate a Connector Authentication Link.

This is an emailable link that when clicked will go through the authentication and consent screens of a particular Account Connector.

To generate a Connector Authentication Link:

  • Go to the Account containing the Connector you wish to authenticate.
  • Open the Connectors menu.
  • Click Edit Connector next to the Connector to be authenticated.
  • Click Generate Setup Token.
  • Tokens generated here will expire after 5 minutes by default. If you wish, you can set a longer time before expiry here using the date picker.
  • Click Generate.
  • You will be presented with a sign-in token for your user, and a link to a site where they can enter it.

Animated Demo

This is a new way of delivering sign-in tokens, and was developed to address issues some users were having with their spam filters/email systems automatically clicking (and therefore invalidating) the links.

This token can only be used once, so you may need to go through these steps again if your user startsbut doesn’t complete the sign-in process.

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