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Access CRM


To authenticate the Access CRM connector you will need an API key and Integrator Key. Both are supplied by Access. Please contact your Access account manager to be issued these credentials.

Connector Setup

  1. Locate the Access CRM connector

    Cyclr Console > Connectors > Connector Library > Access CRM

  2. From the Edit Connector interface click 'Setup'

  3. Enter your Integrator Key, click 'Next'

  4. Enter your API Key, click 'Next'

The connector is now authenticated and ready to use.

Handle calculated fields

If you want to add calculated fields to the response mappings of any methods, end the Field Location's name with \_calc. If your calculated field name doesn't include \_calc, the API throws an error because your calculated field doesn't exist on the object definition.

For example:

A field location of myCalculatedField results in a failed request.

A field location of myCalculatedField_calc results in a successful request.

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