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This guide explains how to obtain authentication details from Akero, as well as installing an Akero Connector.

Setup & Authentication


Your customer’s setup:

  • Obtain an API Key from Akero.

  • Provide the API Key when installing the Connector.

Remote Setup in Akero - performed by your customer

Your customer should go to their Akero account and obtain an API Key.

Cyclr Connector Installation

When installing the Akero Connector, the following values are used:




The API Key associated with the Akero account.

Additional Information

Create Leads custom object category

The Leads method category is configured as a custom object category. Creating a Leads custom object category requires an Account ID and Form ID to be entered. From the Edit Connector page:

  1. Under the Methods & Fields heading, select the Leads method category.

  2. Select the image-20240612-153537.png Copy this Category to create a Custom Object Category.

  3. Enter an Account ID and Form ID into the Specify object name field. This should have the format <Account ID>.<Field ID>. For example, if the Account ID = 123 and the Field ID = acb enter, abc.123.

  4. Select Copy.

The new Leads custom object category will appear under the Methods & Fields heading with a name including the Account ID and Form ID, in this case, as in the screenshot below:


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