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This guide takes you through setting up apifon for use with Cyclr and installing an apifon Connector.

The apifon Cyclr Connector uses OAuth2 to authenticate.

You will require an apifon account to create an OAuth App.

If you don’t have an apifon account, you can register for a free account here.

apifon’s own documentation on creating an OAuth App can be found here.

Setup & Authentication

  1. Log into your apifon account.

  2. Select your company name (top right) and select developers from the menu

  3. Click Add

  4. Select OAuth Token

  5. Check the required scopes (List Write, List Read, Subscribers Write)

  6. Select Create

Obtain authentication values

Make a note of the Client ID and Secret (API Key) values as you’ll need them in order to authenticate the connector within Cyclr.

Cyclr Partner Console Setup

Having created a OAuth App within apifon, go into your Cyclr Partner Console:

  1. Go to Connectors > Application Connector Library.

  2. Use the search box to find the apifon connector.

  3. Select the Edit User Experience icon, then Settings Tab

  4. Enter the below values:



Client ID

The Client ID

Client Secret

The Secret (API Key)


Enter space delimited list of scopes that you wish to enable. (default is writeSubscriber readSubscriber writeList readList)

  1. Select Save Changes.

If you leave these values blank, they must be provided each time a connector is installed.

Cyclr Connector Installation

When installing an apifon Connector, if the above has not been set at partner level, the user can enter them on installing the connector.

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