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In order to authenticate the connector, you will need your App Code and API Token.

How to find your App Code and API Token

  • Log in to your B2B Wave admin account.

  • Click Profile on the top right.

  • Select API configuration

  • Your App Code and API Token should be listed. Make a note of these.

Connector Setup

The Connector can be installed using the credentials obtained in the above steps:

Username: Your App Code

Password: Your API Token

Available methods

A list of the methods available within the B2B Wave connector:

  • Customers

    • Create Customer - Create a Customer Record

    • Get Customer - Get Customer by ID

    • Get Customer by Email - Get Customer details from an email address

    • List Customers - List all Customers

    • List Customers by Query - List all Customers returned by a search

    • List New Customers - List Customers added since last run

    • List Updated Customers - Get Customers updated since last run

    • Update Customer - Update a Customer Record

  • Orders

    • Create Order - Create an Order

    • Get Order - Get Order by ID

    • List New Orders - List Orders created since the last run

    • List Orders - List Orders with Details

    • List Orders by Query - List Orders by Search Query

    • List Updated Orders - List Orders Updated since the last run

    • Update Order Status - Update the status of an Order

  • Products

    • Get Product - Get Product by ID

    • List New Products - List Products created since the last run

    • List Products - List all Products

    • List Products by Query - List Products by Search Query

    • List Updated Products - List Products Updated since the last run

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