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To authenticate a Bullhorn Connector you will need:

  • a Client ID

  • Client Secret

  • Username

  • Password

If you do not already have these, you or a listed Account / Support Contact will need to get in touch with Bullhorn Support to have credentials set up.

If asked for a callback URI during this process enter: https://<Your Service Domain>/connector/callback

Your service domain can be found in your Cyclr console under Settings > General Settings > Service Domain.

Once you have your Client ID, Client Secret, Username, and Password you will be able to use these details to authenticate the connector.

Apache Tomcat Error

After you are redirected to Bullhorn during the authentication process, sometimes Bullhorn displays an Apache Tomcat error like this:

This is a known issue with Bullhorn. The solution is to clear the Bullhorn cookies in your browser, or open Cyclr and authenticate the connector in a private window.

Additional Information

Working with custom objects

This currently only applies to the Job Order methods.

To retrieve custom object fields with your Job Order requests, follow these steps:

  1. Find the fields of the custom object using the method Job Orders > Get Custom Object Fields

  2. Add the fields of the custom object to the desired method with the appropriate Field Locations.

    For the List New Job Orders and List Updated Job Orders Methods, the Field Location must be in this format:
    e.g. [data].customObject12.[data].date1

    For the Get Job Order Method, the Field Location must be in this format:
    e.g. data.customObject12.[data].date1

    This screenshot shows how that would look for the List New Job Orders Method:

  3. Add the custom object name and field names to the Custom Objects parameter when you make the request. The correct format is ObjectName(FieldName,FieldName,FieldName).
    For example:

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