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Partner Setup

Capsule v2 uses OAuth 2. You should sign up for an application on Capsule first and get an OAuth client ID and client secret.

Here is the official documentation for creating a Capsule OAuth 2 app:

  1. Register a free Capsule account; or log into your existing account if you already have one.

  2. Go to 

    Below are the details you should provide:

    Name: Your Application Name

    URL: Your Cyclr service domain, e.g. This can be found in your Cyclr Console under Settings > General Settings > Service Domain.

    Redirect URL: you must add a callback URL to allow Capsule to be used in your Cyclr Console and its accounts.

    The URL is:

    Application Type: Web Application

  3. Go to Cyclr Console (https://{CyclrAPIDomain}/console) > Connectors > Connector Library > Capsule v2 > Setup

    Client ID: This is the Client ID displayed after you create the Capsule app

    Client Secret: This is the Client Secret displayed after you create the Capsule app

    Authorise URL:

    Access Token URL:

Your Capsule v2 connector is now set up! You can test it by installing it in one of your user accounts.

API Integration Guide

Capsule v2 connector uses OAuth 2 Authorisation Code flow. It requires your end users to sign into Capsule and grant Cyclr access to their account.

To do this, call /UpdateAccountConnectorOAuth with a one-time sign-in token.

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