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CometChat setup

To connect with Cyclr, you need the following authentication values from your CometChat account:

  • Base URL

  • App ID

  • API Key

To find the Base URL, API Version, App ID and API Key of your account, select the APIs tab on the left side panel of your CometChat app:

  • To find your API URL, select Integrate > APIs > API Endpoint. The URL is in the format:

  • To find your App ID, select Integrate > APIs > App ID.

  • To find your API key, select Integrate > APIs > Rest API Key.

Cyclr setup

To set up the CometChat connector in Cyclr, go to your Cyclr console:

  1. Go to Connectors > Application Connector Library.

  2. Use the search box to find the CometChat connector.

  3. Select the Setup Required icon.

  4. Enter the below values:

    ValueDescriptionBase URLThe API URL from your CometChat account.App IDThe App ID of your CometChat app.API KeyAPI key for your CometChat account.

  5. Select Save Changes.

Note: You can use different details for different accounts.

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