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Contact Form 7 Plugin

Contact Form 7, a plugin for WordPress - does not include webhook functionality. This makes getting the data from form submissions difficult.

We have created our Contact Form 7 plugin to allow for easy integration with any of the apps or services that Cyclr connects.


Plugin installation

If you have completed the prerequisites:

  • Download our Contact Form 7 plugin

  • In WordPress, click Plugins and then Add New

  • On the Add Plugins page, click Upload Plugin

  • Locate the zip file for the plugin on your computer and upload it

Once those steps are complete, you are ready to set up the plugin.

Once you have installed our Contact Form 7 plugin, you are ready to set up webhooks on your forms.

Get your webhook’s URL from Cyclr

  • Create a cycle and install the Contact Form 7 Plugin connector

  • Click/drag the Form Entry step into the builder

  • Click the cog icon on the step and copy the webhook’s URL to your clipboard.

Set up Contact Form 7

  • In Contact Form 7, open your form for editing

  • Add a new hidden field named url to your form

  • In the window that creates your new field, set the value for this new field to be https://{yourcyclrwebhook}

Set up custom fields in Cyclr

Cyclr will not know about the fields you’ve added to your form by default. You will need to add these.

  • In the builder, open the connector in the sidebar and click the Settings button

  • Under Methods & Fields, pop open the Entries category and then the Form Entry webhook

  • On the Fields tab, click the plus button to add a new field

  • Set the Location field to the the name of the field in Contact Form 7, e.g. name, email, company, etc

  • Set the Display Name to be anything you like; this is shown in Cyclr when you are mapping fields

  • The Description field is optional

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