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This document will explain what is needed to setup access to Device Pilot and install the connector.

API Key Setup

  1. Go to the token settings in DevicePilot and create a new token. Select "POST" as the token type and enter an appropriate name.

  2. Temporarily display the token by clicking "Show token" and note this down. It should start with "TOKEN".

Connector Setup

In the connector setup enter the full API Key in the API Key textbox.

Update and Insert device data

DevicePilot allows users to submit any data that is relevant to their devices. Because of this, Cyclr lets you choose your own fields that you want to submit. To choose your own field, you can create request custom fields.

Webhook Support

DevicePilot manages webhooks, so you need to set webhooks up through the DevicePilot admin portal:

  1. In Cyclr, add the webhook method that's present in the connector.

  2. Select Step setup and note the webhook URL. It looks similar to, depending on your region.

  3. Navigate to the connections area in DevicePilot.

  4. Select Get Started underneath the "Webhooks" category to create a new webhook.

  5. Enter in the appropriate details:

    • Set the URL to the Cyclr webhook URL (see step 1).

    • Set Method to POST.

    • In the header, set Authorization to the API key that you entered in connector setup, and content-type is set to application/json.

    • The Body represents the response and data. The webhook setup should look similar to the following:

  6. Save the changes.

You can find more information on the DevicePilot help page.

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