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This guide explains how to install the Epicor Connector.

No initial setup is required.

Cyclr Connector Installation

When installing an Epicor Connector, you’ll need to provide the following information:



Kinetic Server

The Epicor Kinetic Server account domain and subdomain not including the protocol. Setting a value for Domain will override this parameter.

For example, if the Epicor Kinetic Server URL is, enter just

Kinetic Instance

The Epicor Kinetic Server unique instance ID. Setting a value for Domain will override this parameter.

For example, Test001Pilot.


The domain of your Epicor instance. Setting a value will override the values set for Kinetic Server and Kinetic Instance.


The Epicor Kinetic account API key used to connect to the Epicor Kinetic Instance.

To request an API Key, please contact Epicor Support.

Company ID

The Epicor Kinetic account company ID.

Additional Information

Custom Objects

The Custom Objects category implements enhanced custom objects within Cyclr to allow for multiple copies of the category to be made against any different combination of companies or custom object names.

To set up an enhanced object:

  • Go to the Epicor connector Settings page.

  • Under the Methods and Fields heading, expand the Custom Objects category.

  • Select the red ‘Copy this Category to create a Custom Object Category’ icon.

  • Select ‘Select object’.

  • Type in a object name in the following format: {CompanyName}/Ice.BO.UD{number}Svc (for example: 00002/Ice.BO.UD23Svc)

  • Select Copy.

A new custom object category will have been created with the specified custom object name. All methods can be run from in here to call them against the custom object without having to specify it on each run, and request and response fields will be automatically generated.

Specified Keys

The ‘Specified Keys’ field on the Get and Update Custom Object methods needs to be filled in with the labelled format of 'Company','Key1','Key2','Key3','Key4','Key5'. This includes entering null values. For example: '00002','16457','1','','','1'

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