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Exerp setup

You need the following information to setup the Exerp connector:

  1. The username and password of your Exerp account.

Cyclr setup

Account setup

You will be asked for the following values when installing the Exerp connector within an account:




The username of your Exerp account.


The client secret of your Exerp account.

Map extended attribute fields

The methods Centers > Get Center and People > Get Person dynamically return extended attribute fields. To map these fields within Cyclr:

  1. Go to the Settings page of the Exerp connector:

    • For template connectors: Cyclr Console > Templates > Template Connectors > Exerp > Edit Connector.

    • For connectors within a cycle: Cycle Builder > Application Connectors > Exerp > Settings.

  2. Under the Methods and Fields heading, expand the Centers or People categories.

  3. Expand the method you want to map custom fields for - either Get Center or Get Person.

  4. Select the pink + icon.

  5. Enter the following:

    ValueDescriptionField LocationThe extended attribute field ID. This should be entered as extendedAttributes.{ExtendedAttributeId}. For example, if the ExtendedAttributeId is EXAMPLE_ATTRIBUTE_ID then enter extendedAttributes.EXAMPLE_ATTRIBUTE_ID as the field location. You can find the ExtendedAttributeId of an extended attribute field by running the corresponding method on the Edit Connector page. The response on the Method Response tab will contain an extendedAttributes object and each key this contains is an ExtendedAttributeId.Display NameThe display name to use within Cyclr.DescriptionThe description to use within Cyclr.Data TypeThe data type of the extended attribute.

  6. Select Create.

  7. Steps in a cycle can now have the extended attribute mapped.

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