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FiveCRM Setup

You need the following details to setup the FIVE CRM connector in Cyclr:

  • A FiveCRM Account

  • A FiveCRM Account Number

  • A FiveCRM ‘Hash Code’ that is associated with your username.

Each FiveCRM username has a unique hash code.

Cyclr Setup

When installing a FIVE CRM Connector within Cyclr, enter the following values:

Account Number: Your FiveCRM account number.

Hash Code: Your FiveCRM Hash Code generated from your username.


This connector has some unique functionality:

  • To edit contacts, you can use 'Accounts' methods and edit the contact within an account. For you to edit contacts this way, you need a maximum of one contact per account.

  • To add custom fields, you need to add them manually to each method. You need to attach the field to its corresponding object. For example, if your custom field is on an account, your** Field Location** is 'account.{{FieldLocation}}'.

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