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Google Bid Manager


This guide takes you through obtaining authentication details from Google Bid Manager, as well as installing the Connector.

Setup & Authentication

Remote Setup in Google Bid Manager - performed by Cyclr Partner

Google Bid Manager use OAuth 2.0 for remote API Access. Your credentials can be found and created within the Google Developer Console.

An in depth guide to generating OAuth 2.0 credentials within the Google Developer Console can be found here.

Enable Bid Manager API

You will also need to ensure that the Bid Manager API is enabled within your Developer Console.

  1. Select “Library”.

  2. Locate the Bid Manager API.

  3. Select the Bid Manager API, then click “Enable”.

  4. You will then be able to use your OAuth 2.0 credentials with Google Bid Manager.

Partner Setup in Cyclr Console

Having created an OAuth app within Google Developer Console to obtain a Client ID and a Client Secret, go into your Cyclr Partner Console:

  1. Go to Connectors > Application Connector Library.

  2. Use the search box to locate the Google Bid Manager Connector entry.

  3. Select the Pencil button.

  4. Select the Settings tab.

  5. Enter the below values:



Client ID


The Client ID generated within your Developer Console.

Client Secret


The Client Secret generated within your Developer Console.



A space separated list of scopes to be used in authentication.

  1. Select Save Changes.

If you leave these values blank, they must be provided each time the Connector is installed.

Cyclr Connector Installation

When installing a Google Bid Manager Connector, the following values are used:





The Email used to access your Google Bid Manager account.



The Password used to access your Google Bid Manager account.

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