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HubSpot API Key

Hubspot Setup

For Cyclr to connect with the Hubspot API you will need to create an “Application” in the Hubspot account, as detailed below:

NB. This part is completed once, by a Partner. The client/customer does not need their own separate application within Hubspot.

  1. Login to the Hubspot Developer Portal here

  2. Follow the Hubspot documentation to create an application.

  3. On the ‘Auth’ tab, enable either the Contacts or Tickets scope, depending on which you want to make CRM cards for.

  4. In the same tab, note down the App ID.

  5. Under the Apps tab at the top of the page, click on Get HubSpot API key. Click Show key and note down the presented API key.

Connector Setup

The Connector now can be installed using the credentials obtained in the above steps:

API Key: API Key

Application ID: App ID

Your HubSpot Connector is now setup! You can test it by installing it in one of your Cyclr accounts and executing one of the methods to confirm it can return some data.

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