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Media Monitors


This guide explains what setup is required with Media Monitors, as well as how to install a Media Monitors Connector.

Setup & Authentication

Media Monitors provide their customers with a Username and Password which are required when installing a Media Monitors Connector in Cyclr.

IP address filtering is also used by Media Monitors so all of the IP addresses of the Cyclr Instance your Partner Console is hosted on must be added to the customer’s Media Monitors license. See our IP Allowlist article for the IP addresses of our Shared Instances.

Contact Media Monitors to have them add the relevant IP addresses to the license so the Connector can be used. There is no limit on the number of IP addresses that can be added to a license.

Cyclr Connector Installation

When installing a Media Monitors Connector, the following values are required:




The username of a Media Monitors user.


The user’s password.

Additional Information

Confirming Connector Setup

Once Cyclr’s IP addresses have been added to the customer’s Media Monitors license and a Media Monitors Connector has been installed, you can confirm it’s ready for use by calling the Verify Me Method.

To do this:

  • Go to the installed Media Monitors Connector in Cyclr and select its Edit button to go to the Connector Settings page.

  • Expand the Test Method Category.

  • Expand the Verify Me Method.

  • Select the Test tab.

  • If the Connector has been authenticated, you can then select the Run button to have Cyclr call the Method.

  • If a response comes back as “Licensed”, then the Connector is ready to go.
    If it instead comes back as “NotLicensed”, either the Username and Password provided aren’t correct, or the IP addresses haven’t been added to the customer’s Media Monitors license.

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