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Podio Interface

To authenticate the connector you will need a Client ID and Client Secret for the Podio App you wish to interact with.

To generate these values, follow this link and then under 'API Key Generator':

  1. Enter the name of the application you wish to interact with

  2. Enter a return URL (redirect URL)

    The redirect URL should be https://{service domain}/connector/callback. Your service domain can be found in your Cyclr console under Settings > General Settings > Service Domain.

  3. Click 'Generate API Key'

Cyclr Interface

  1. Locate the Podio connector in the Cyclr console

    Cyclr Console > Connectors > Connector Library > Podio

  2. Click the open padlock and on the next page enter the Client ID and Client Secret.

The connector is now authenticated and ready to use.

It may be the case that you require access to multiple Apps within one Podio account. Our tests have shown that authenticating the connector with one Client ID and Client Secret should give full functionality to the connector across all methods.

Obtain the App ID

The connector includes a method 'List Apps' which you can use to find the ID of the App you wish to interact with. If the App in question is not listed, you can find the ID manually in the following way:

  1. Locate the App in the Podio interface.

  2. select the wrench button at the top right of the sidebar.

  3. Select Developer.

  4. Copy the App ID for (App Name) value from the next page.

Rate limits

For most of the actions in this connector, Podio imposes a rate limit of 250 calls per hour. As a result, calls (including each page request) are staggered at 15 second intervals.

The maximum page size that Podio supports is 500 objects. If the response to your request contains less than 500 objects, the response isn't delayed.

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