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QuickBooks setup

To authenticate the QuickBooks connector, you need a Client ID and Client Secret.

This initial setup only needs to be completed once. Storing the Client ID and Client Secret values obtained from QuickBooks within your Cyclr Console’s Application Connector Library entry will use them each time a QuickBooks Connector is installed.

To obtain these values, you need a QuickBooks Online application.

You can create an app through the QuickBooks developer portal.

There are sections for Development and Production apps, and these steps are for a Development app.

  1. Select the Create an app button and select QuickBooks Online and Payments.

  2. Name your app and select Accounting from the scopes. If you're based in the US, you can add the Payments scope later.

  3. Select Create App.

  4. Go to Development > Keys & OAuth, and note down the Client ID and Client Secret.

  5. Under Redirect URIs, change the existing value to: https://{ServiceDomain}/connector/callback.

    To find your Service Domain in your Cyclr Console, go to Settings > General Settings > Service Domain.

  6. Scroll down and select Save.

Cyclr setup

To set up the QuickBooks connector in Cyclr, go to your Cyclr console:

  1. Go to Connectors > Application Connector Library.

  2. Use the search box to find the QuickBooks Connector.

  3. Select the Edit button.

  4. Select the Settings tab.

  5. Enter the below values:



Client ID

The Client ID from your QuickBooks application.

Client Secret

The Client Secret from your QuickBooks application.


Here you can change the scopes Cyclr requests.
Warning: If you change the scopes, you may not authorize access to all methods in the connector.

Defaults to:

Environment Override

Toggle to override Account Level Environment selection.

Defaults to: Don't Override

  1. Select Save Changes.

If you leave any values blank, Cyclr asks for them when you install the Connector.
This allows you to use different settings for different Accounts.

Account setup

Cyclr also asks you for the Base Domain when you install the QuickBooks connector into an account

  • For a development app, use

  • For a production app, use

Realm ID

If your customer sets a Realm ID (Company ID) when they install the connector, then all of their cycles that use this connector use the Realm ID. If your customer doesn't set a Realm ID, then each step in a cycle asks for the value.

Your customer can find their Realm ID in QuickBooks:

  1. Go to Settings and select Your Account > Settings.

  2. Select the Billing and Subscription tab.

  3. On the Your Account page, make a note of the Realm ID/Company ID at the top of the page.

Additional Information

Custom fields

You can map custom fields for the Update Purchase Order method:

  1. In the connector settings page, locate the Update Purchase Order method.

  2. Under the Request Fields heading, select the red + button.

  3. Enter the required field location in the format 'CustomField.FieldName', where 'FieldName' is the DefinitionId of the custom field to update.

  4. Enter any additional information for the method field and then select Create.


The QuickBooks connector uses Cyclr’s “single partner URL webhooks”, that certain events can trigger. To set up webhooks, follow the next steps in the QuickBooks developer console:

  1. In the Production section, select Webhooks.

  2. Enter the Partner Endpoint URL to specify where the server sends notifications.

To find the URL go to your Cyclr Console, then Connectors > Application Connector Library > search for the QuickBooks entry, select its Edit button, then the Settings tab before copying the Webhook URL field’s value.

  1. In the Event Frequency dropdown, select how long you want to aggregate events for.

  2. Select the Show webhooks link.

  3. Review the required events and operations and select the events you want to receive notifications for.

  4. Select Save.

After you set the webhook URL in the QuickBooks developer console, please wait a minimum of 10 minutes before you try to test a Cyclr webhook. There are sometimes delays with QuickBooks when you set a new URL so if you wait you can prevent any false errors.

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