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To authenticate your connector, you need to get the username and password of the account.

You also need to know your instance, as you need to enter the username in the format username@{clientcode}, where {clientcode} is your instance. For example, if your instance is, your {clientcode} is CompanyA.

Note: To run API calls against the sandbox instead of a live instance, use api_sandbox as the {clientcode}.

Cyclr setup

To set up the connector in Cyclr, go to your Cyclr console:

  1. Go to Connectors > Application Connector Library.

  2. Use the search box to find the connector.

  3. Select the Setup Required icon.

  4. Enter the below values:

    ValueDescriptionUsernameThe username you use to log into your instance.PasswordThe password you use to log into your instance.

  5. Select Save Changes.

Note: If you leave any values blank, Cyclr asks for the value when you install the connector into an account. This means you can use different settings for different accounts.

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