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You need the following information to set up the RFMS connector in Cyclr:

Getting the Store Id and Api Key

You need a Store ID and Api Key to authenticate the RFMS connector in Cyclr. Before you can get these you need to generate an API Token. You can find RFMS' guide on getting the Store ID and Api Key in the RFMS console here.

Cyclr Console setup

To set up your RFMS connector within your Cyclr console:

  1. Go to your Cyclr Console.

  2. Select Connectors > Application Connector Library at the top of the page.

  3. Use the search box to find the RFMS connector.

  4. Select the Setup Required icon.

  5. Enter the below values, omitting this step will allow you to use different settings for each account on installation:

    • StoreId: The Store ID of your RFMS account.

    • Api Key: The API Key of your RFMS account.

  6. Select Save Changes.

Your RFMS connector is now set up! You can test it by installing it to a Cyclr account and then executing one of the methods to confirm it returns data.

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