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Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct setup To authenticate the connector you need the following credentials:



Web Services ID and Web Services Password

Sage Intacct provides a Web Services sender ID and password for customers/partners with an active Web Services developer license. These credentials are not necessarily tied to a particular Sage Intacct company/user, so a Marketplace Partner can use a sender ID for any Sage Intacct company that has authorized that sender ID for Web Services.

Company Login ID and Company Login Password

The user ID and password to log in to your/your company's Sage Intacct account.

Company ID

The ID that you want to use to authenticate the user ID and password.

Location ID

Optional: Add a location ID to log in to a multi-entity shared company. Entities are typically different locations of a single company.

You can use a Client ID to log in to a distributed child company. The Company Login ID and Company Login Password access the console, not the target client company itself. To provide this, fill in the Company ID field with the following format: myConsoleId|clientCompanyId|entityId.

For more information on how to obtain these values, contact your Sage Intacct account manager.

## Cyclr setup

To set up the Sage Intacct connector in Cyclr:

  1. Go to your Cyclr Console.

  2. Select Connectors > Application Connector Library at the top of the page.

  3. Use the search box to find the Sage Intacct connector.

  4. Select the Setup Required icon.

  5. Enter the your Web Services ID, Web Services Password, Company Login ID, Company Login Password and Company ID.

  • Optionally, enter your Location ID if you log in to a multi-entity shared company.

  1. Select Save Changes.

Note: To use different settings for different accounts, leave the value blank. This means Cyclr asks for the value when you install the connector into an account.

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