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Salesforce Metadata

When installing the Salesforce Metadata Connector you'll need to provide a Username and Password for the Salesforce account you wish to work with.

You can optionally enter an Account Type. Possible values are "enterprise" or "partner".

Create Custom Fields

To create custom fields in Salesforce, you need to do three steps:

  • Create the custom field

  • Set the field level security for the field

  • Add the field to a layout

The example on this page adds a Picklist field to the Event Object and Layout using several methods from the Salesforce Metadata Connector in a cycle.

Create the custom field

Many of the request fields for the Create Custom Field method are optional by default, but some of these fields are required for different data types. The following table details these requirements:

Data Type

"Optional" Fields Required




Precision, Scale


Default Value


Picklist Values


Precision, Scale


Precision, Scale



Note: End the Field Name for a custom field with \_\_c. For example myCustomField\_\_c.

Set the field level security for the field

To define the permissions each profile has in relation to the field, set the field level security for a custom field in Salesforce. For example, some profiles you can use are Admin, Standard, and Customer Community User.

To make the field available to all profiles, you can place a List Profiles step before the Set Field Level Security step in your cycle. You can then map the Profile Name from List Profiles and bulk update the permissions.

To set the field level security for one profile only, you can use the lookup feature to retrieve a list of profile names to choose from.

Add custom field to a layout

To add the field to a specific layout within Salesforce, you need to specify both the Layout Name and Layout Section Label. You can use the Lookup feature to find the values for both of those fields.

When you add the custom field, you can view the field from the Page Layouts interface in Salesforce. Go to Setup > Objects and Fields > Object Manager, select the object, and select Page Layouts.


An example of a cycle where you set the field level security for all profiles might look similar to the image below. To set the field level security for all profiles,the example adds the List Profiles step before the Set Field Level Security step.

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