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Partner Setup

Before you can install your connector, you need to register an oAuth application with Service Fusion:

  • In OAuth Apps, create new app (if you don't already have one) by clicking to Add New OAuth App.

  • Enter the Name and Redirect URL. {% raw %}https://{{Your Cyclr service domain e.g.}}/connector/callback{% endraw %}

  • Click Add OAuth App, you will be redirected to the page with the generated Client ID and Client Secret for your app.

  • Save the generated Client ID and Client Secret of your app, you will need them in the next steps.

Cyclr Setup

Setup your Service Fusion App within Cyclr:

  • go to your Cyclr Console

  • click the Connectors menu along the top

  • choose Connector Library

  • Search for Service Fusion

  • click the Setup button

Enter the following values:

Client ID:  the Consumer Key of your Salesforce Connected App

Client Secret: the Consumer Secret of your Salesforce Connected App

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