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This guide explains how to obtain authentication details from Spektrix as well as installing a Spektrix Connector.

Please ensure your customer has created an API user in their Spektrix account.

Setup & Authentication


Your customer’s setup:

  • Obtain ClientName, API Secret, and API Username from their Spektrix account.

  • Provide ClientName, API Secret, and API Username when installing the Connector.

Remote Setup in Spektrix - performed by your customer

Your customer should go to their Spektrix account and Navigate to the Settings Interface > Users > API Accounts
Create a new user, click the New API Account button:


This will open the New API Account creator:


Your customer will need to provide three pieces of information to set up an API user:

  • Username

  • Email address

  • Phone number

Once entered, select Create API Account. This will create the API user.

Cyclr Connector Installation

When installing the Spektrix Connector, the following values are used:

Client Name: This is the account name in Spektrix.
API Secret key: This is the API key that is displayed once the API user is created.
User Name: The user name of the API user created.

If your customer has a custom instance of Spektrix, they will also need to enter the domain into the Domain field when setting up the connector, by default the domain is

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