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This guide will take you through how to setup TepinTasks for use with Cyclr.

Setup & Authentication

Cyclr Partner Console Setup

  • Begin by navigating to the Cyclr Partner Console.

  • In the Cyclr Partner Console, go to the "Connectors" section and select the "Application Connector Library." Here, you will find a list of available connectors.

  • Use the search functionality within the Connector Library to locate the TepinTasks Connector.

  • Once you've identified the TepinTasks Connector, click on the "Setup" button.

  • You will be prompted to input your Client ID and Client Secret values.

  • After submitting your Client ID and Client Secret, an authentication window will appear. This window is where you'll authenticate with TepinTasks.

  • Within the authentication window, you will need to provide your TepinTasks Email and Password.

  • Once your TepinTasks credentials are entered, proceed by clicking the "Next".

  • Then click the "Authorize" button, as specified by the authentication window.

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