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Zap Setup

To connect with Cyclr, you need a Zap Username and Password.

For more information, see the Zap documentation on authentication.

Cyclr Setup

To set up the Zap connector in Cyclr, go to your Cyclr console:

  1. Go to Connectors > Application Connector Library.

  2. Use the search box to find the Zap connector.

  3. Select the Setup Required icon.

  4. Enter the below values:




Select the type of environment you want to access.


The password of the Zap account you want to access.


The password of the Zap account you want to access.

  1. Select Save Changes.

Note: If you leave any values blank, Cyclr asks for the value when you install the connector into an account. This means you can use different settings for different accounts.

Enhanced objects

The Zap connector allow you to create enhanced objects for the Submissions category. This allows you to create multiple enhanced object categories that each look at the specified Campaign ID. If you want to automatically look up custom fields on the Create Records and Create Submissions methods, then you meed to create an enhanced object.

Set up an enhanced object

To set up an enhanced object:

  1. Find the Zap connector in your Template Connectors page and select the Edit Connector pencil icon.

  2. Under the Methods and Fields heading, expand the Submissions (Enhanced Object) category.

  3. Select the red Copy this Category to create a Custom Object Category icon.

  4. Select Select object.

  5. Select the required Campaign name from the drop down list.

  6. Select Copy.

This creates a new custom object category with the specified campaign. You can run all methods from this category to call them against the campaign without having to specify it on each run. This means that you can look custom fields up automatically in the Create Records and Create Submissions methods.

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