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Partner setup

This page explains how to setup access to Zoho so you can use the Zoho connector in Cyclr.

OAuth Setup

To register your Cyclr Partner with Zoho, create a Client in your Zoho API Console.

For more information, see Zoho's documentation.

  1. When it asks which Client Type you want to create, select Server-based Application.

  2. Enter an Authorized Redirect URL with the following format:

    {% raw %}https://{{Your Cyclr Service Domain}}/connector/callback{% endraw %}

    For example,

Note: You can find your Service Domain in your Cyclr console from the Settings menu then General Settings.

## Cyclr setup

Once you have your Client ID and Client Secret from Zoho, go to your Cyclr Console:

  1. Go to Connectors > Application Connector Library and search for Zoho CRM.

  2. Select the padlock icon next on Zoho CRM.

  3. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret to use these values every time you install the connector. For Information on obtaining your Client Id and Client Secret please refer to Zoho's documentation on registering a client.

Note: If you leave these fields blank, Cyclr asks you to enter them when you install the connector into an account.

Domain property

When you install the Zoho CRM connector, use the domain part of the URL that shows in the web browser when you are signed into the Zoho CRM account.

If you have a Zoho CRM Plus subscription, use the normal domain format instead of


The scopes default to ZohoCRM.modules.ALL,ZohoCRM.users.ALL,,ZohoCRM.settings.roles.ALL, but you can enter your own scopes if you want to restrict the connector's access further.

For more information, see Zoho's documentation on available scopes.

List New/Updated Contacts By Page (incrementally)

To use this method, follow these steps to set up your cycle:

  1. Edit your Generic Webhook connector and add a custom field named page.

  2. Create a new cycle named Zoho Incremental method, and use a Generic Webhook to connect it to the List New/Updated Contacts By Page (Incrementally) method.

  3. In the step settings of your Generic Webhook, select Advanced Settings and enter the following script.

     function after_webhook() {   
        return true;
  4. In the step settings of List New/Updated Contacts By Page (Incrementally), map the page to the Generic Webhook page field.

  5. Connect the true exit of List New/Updated Contacts By Page (Incrementally) to a Decision step that checks whether the More Records? field in List New/Updated Contacts By Page (Incrementally) equals a true value.

    Note: If you need to manipulate the data, Connect the true exit of the List New/Updated Contacts By Page (Incrementally) method to any other required methods before connecting to the Decision step.)_

  6. Connect your Decision step true exit to a Delay step and set the wait time to 2 seconds.

  7. Connect a Generic Webhook HTTP POST method to the Delay step. Set the URL to the Generic Webhook URL and set the page field to ignore.

  8. In the Advanced Settings of the HTTP Post method, add the following script:

    function before_action() { = (+cyclr_storage_get('pageNumber') + 1);
        return true;
  9. Run the Zoho Incremental Method cycle.

  10. Send a POST request to your Generic Webhook URL with an API testing software, such as Postman. The body of your request should as follows:

    "page": 1

    Note: To update the last successful run date of your cycle please drag the the Update Last Successful Run Date Method located in the Utilities Category onto your cycle and run the step.

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