What is a Cyclr Custom Connector?

A custom connector allows you to integrate apps that aren’t in our connector library. You can even add connectors for your own private apps and websites. Our Connector Manager makes this task quicker and easier to maintain than writing a traditional coded integration. Note that not all price plans include access to the Custom Connector builder or that access is subject to an additional fee

A connector a standardised definition in a propriatory Cyclr format of the methods and fields of an API. Once created Cyclr takes care of everthing that is needed to work with an API including:

Property Description
Description Name, description version etc. of the Application’s API
Authentication Method How the connector should connect to the target API (e.g. OAuth, API key, login, etc).
Rate limiting & Throttling How frequently it is allowed to make calls to the API.
Methods / Endpoints The endpoints for the API.

If available in your console, access to Custom Connectors is available in the Console under ‘Connectors’.

Manual Connector Creation

Custom Connectors can be created manually by a process of specification. This means that you are not ‘coding’ the connector but rather filling out series of forms that collect information about the specification of each aspect of the connector.

Importing an API

Our powerful OpenAPI discovery tool lets you import an existing API specification into Cyclr. Currently, we support OpenAPI versions 2.0 and 3.0.x in either JSON or YAML format.

If you are using another version, please convert it to an OpenAPI 2.0 or 3.0.x specification using third-party tools. You can choose Create Connector to start with an empty connector if you don’t have an OpenAPI specification.

After importing the connector it is generally required to go through a ‘tidy up’ exercise to bring it up to standard.

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