For consistency, you can follow or base your connector configuration on these connector standards.

Connector Details

  • Name should not include any version information
  • Version should be same as API version
  • Description should be from the product, google search result will likely give appropriate text
  • Logo should be 400x400 and scale down nicely
  • Connectors should only use 1 API version


  • Use OAuth where available


Naming Convention:

  • Get: Used when the method retrieves a single item
  • List: Used when the method retrieves multiple items
  • Create: Used when the method creates an item (Do not use add)
  • Delete: Used when the method deletes an item
  • Update: Used when the method updates an item

    Note: When an endpoint carries out multiple functions, such as Creating or Updating, name the method logically e.g. “Create Or Update Contact”


  • Descriptions should be provided and end with a “.”


  • All entities should inlcude methods for Get, Get New, Get Updated, List, Create, Update, Delete unless not supported by the API

Fields & Parameters

  • Descriptions should end in “.”
  • Should provide lookup/triggers for IDs where possible
  • IDs should be descriptive of the method rather than generic. e.g. “Contact ID” rather than “ID

System Fields

  • Should be in PascalCase e.g. “AddressLine1”
  • IDs should follow PascalCase e.g. “Id
  • Should be consistent to our naming convention rather than to the API

Display Names

  • Each word should be seperated with a space and capitalised e.g. “Address Line 1”
  • IDs should be uppercase e.g. “ID