Through the Console Administrators page, you can invite or remove people as console administrators. A console administrator has access to both the Cyclr console and the Cyclr partner API.

The Console Administrators page displays a list of all your current console administrators. This list shows each administrator’s username, name, and the date that they last logged in to the Cyclr console.

Add and remove administrators

To add another user as a console administrator, select the Invite Administrator button in the top right corner of the page. This opens a dialogue where you can enter their email address. Cyclr then sends them an email to give them access.

To delete an administrator from your partner console, select the Remove user from partner bin icon.

Account activity notifications

For each console administrator, there is the option to enable the Account Activity Notifications toggle. If you enable this toggle for an administrator, they receive a notification for any incidents with integration cycles or billing issues in accounts.