What is a custom connector?

A custom connector allows you to integrate apps that aren’t in our connector library. You can even add connectors for your own private apps and websites. Our Connector Manager makes this task quicker and easier to maintain than writing a traditional coded integration.

A connector is a JSON-formatted text file which maps to the methods and fields of an API. Once uploaded, Cyclr takes care of much of the ‘grunge’ of working with APIs:

  • Authentication
  • Paging
  • Rate limiting / throttling
  • Error handling

Your connector file is uploaded to your account (top-right account menu > Developer Tools) as a private Custom Connector.

Below is a basic example that illustrates a method and a single field. You can find more detailed examples here.

    "Methods": [
            "Name": "Your Method Name",
            "Description": "A longer description.",
            "Category": "Contacts",
            "MethodType": "Action",
            "HttpMethod": "Get",
            "DataType": "Json",
            "Endpoint": "https://api.yoururl.com",
            "ResponseFormat": {
                "Fields": [
                        "ConnectorField": "[records].Salutation",
                        "SystemField": "Salutation",
                        "DisplayName": "Salutation"

         ... etc

Can you add a new connector for…?

Firstly, please ask us! We are adding new connectors all the time; we plan to have hundreds.

Connector selection criteria

  • Sufficient interest from customers or prospects
  • A customer or prospect is prepared to share the cost of the connector’s development
  • The opportunity for a mutually beneficial marketing partnership with the app we are connecting to

Create Custom Connector Methods

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