A Connector is a Cyclr implementaion of a third party API that when installed into an Account will provide connectivity with the third party application.

Account Connector

Account connectors are installed instances of Connectors that support additional authentication details required for connectivity with the Users third party application account(s).


Accounts allow the grouping of Account Connectors & the Cycles that use them.


Users can be given access to Accounts, they can then install/modify the Account Connectors & Cycles.

Integration Templates

Integration Templates are pre-made integrations that can be installed by Users into Accounts as Cycles.


Cycles are integrations in an Account that when activated will perform the integration flow. Cycles can be triggered on a scheduled interval or by a webhook event in a third party application.

Cycle Transaction

A Cycle Transaction is created each time a Cycle is triggered, it segregates the request& response data from each Cycle Step from each other allowing the Cycle to have multiple transactions in progress simultaneously.

Cycle Step

A Cycle is made up of a collection of Cycle Steps, each step either connects with a third party API to send/recivie data or performs a logic action such as delaying the Cycle Transaction or performing diferent actions depending on the data received from the third party API.

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