Permissions In Deltek Workbook

Get API Access

You must grant the required access rights to your API user’s access role for the specific API endpoint you need in Settings » Advanced tools » User access rights of your WorkBook application.

Prerequisite - WorkBook user that can grant access rights to an API user’s access role.


To get access to an API endpoint:

From your WorkBook application, go to Settings » Advanced tools » User access rights.

  • Click the Access role requests tab.
  • On the Access roles pane, select the access role for your API user.
  • On the right pane, search for the request name of the API endpoint you need.
  • Select the Access check box for the required HTTP verb.

Connector Setup

The Connector now can be installed using the credentials (Username/Password) for the user obtained in the above steps:

Domain - This is the domain used to access your portal. e.g. “”

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