Docusign Setup

For Cyclr to connect with the Docusign API you will need to create an “Application” in the Docusign account, as detailed below:

NB. This part is completed once, by a Partner. The client/customer does not need their own separate application within Docusign.

  1. Login to your Docusign Portal
  2. Follow the Docusign documentation to create an oAuth application
  3. Go to Settings > Intergrations > Apps and Keys
  5. Enter a name for your app
  6. Make sure “Authorization Code Grant” is selected
  7. Add a secret key and copy this for later
  8. Add a “Redirect URI”, this is https://{{Your Cyclr service domain e.g.}}/connector/callback
  9. Enter a link to your privacy policy
  10. Save the application
  11. The intergration key will be needed in the steps below.

Connector Setup

The Connector now can be installed using the credentials obtained in the above steps:

Client ID: Intergtation Key

Secret: Secret Key Domain: Sandbox Domain is “” | Production Domain is “” Scopes (This is optional) Leave blank or you can reduce the scopes depending on the methods you require for interations. A space-separated list. Full list of scopes are here:

You will then be prompted to log in, select your Hubspot and authorize access to the connector.

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