Dynamic Custom Fields

Dynamic Custom Fields can be automatically generated by Cyclr for authenticated connectors. This removes the need to manually add Custom Fields for each connector installation. Cyclr is able to generate custom fields by either parsing an example response or by reading an object metadata definition.

To enable Dynamic Custom Fields you only need to set the Custom Fields Lookup Method on the appropriate Request/Response Format, the method used in Custom Fields Lookup Method must be able to be called without any field or parameter values being set.

Basic - Parsed

Cyclr generates Basic Dynamic Custom Fields by parsing an example response that is retrieved by calling a method. For this to work you should set the Custom Fields Lookup Method to a method that will get the response in the same structure as the Request/Response Format custom fields will be added to.

Cyclr will attempt to determine the correct Display Name and Data Type of the fields found in the response object, for more control of the custom fields generated you will need to make use of Enhanced Dynamic Custom Fields.

Enhanced - Defined

Cyclr generates Enhanced Dynamic Custom Fields from a metadata definition of the object retrieved by calling the third party API. For this to work the Custom Fields Lookup Method must be set to a method that has been setup for Enhanced Custom Field Discovery, see below.

Enhanced Custom Field Lookup Method

Before you can use Enhanced Dynamic Custom Fields you need to create a method in the connector that will retrieve the metadata for the object and check the For Enhanced Custom Fields option in the method or Cyclr will attempt to parse it as an example object.

The response for this method must be an array and each item in the array must represent a single field in the object, you must also define the response fields with the below System Fields so that Cyclr can read the metadata correctly. You can use the scripting to alter the response from the third party API where required.

System Field Required Description
cyclr_field_location Yes Identifies the location of the custom field, e.g. [items].custom_field
cyclr_data_type   The data type of the custom field, Use Cyclr data types as below
cyclr_data_type_format   Custom data type format for the custom field
cyclr_default_value   The default value to use for the custom field
cyclr_description   The description of the custom field
cyclr_display_name   The name to display the custom field as
cyclr_is_optional   Indicates if the custom field is optional when part of a request
cyclr_is_readonly   Indicates if the custom field is read-only, if it is it won’t be added to any requests
Data Type Value
Not Defined 0
Text 1
Integer 2
Float 3
Boolean 4
Date Time 5

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