When using a (blue) Action step, you will need to map its fields.

Field mapping example

The left most column is the Destination (the app you are connecting to). Some of these fields may be required.

The Source for these fields, shown to the right, can be any preceeding step or a combination of steps.

Field mapping sources

Depending the app you’re connecting to and the field you are using, only some of these source types will be available.

Source Usage
Ignore The field will be left blank and will not be included in the API call.
Type a Value You can type in text or merge one or more values into the field.
Previous Step select any previous step and then a field from this step.
Lookup Cycler will connect to the Destination app to retrieve a list of possible mapping values. For example, a mailing lists in an email marketing platform.
Select a Value There many be a pre-configured list of values from which you can choose a mapping.

System mergefields

You can use Cyclr system mergefields as the Source value in Field Mapping.

  • {{LastSuccessfulRunDate}}: get the last successful run date of the current step. This is particularly useful if you only want to get the latest data.
  • {{Cyclr_Auth_ApiKey}}: get the API key if the connector is using API key as the authentication type.
  • {{Cyclr_Auth_Username}}: get the username if the connector is using username/password as the authentication type.
  • {{Cyclr_Auth_Password}}: get the password if the connector is using username/password as the authentication type.

Initially, these Mergefields had to appear as the only content in the Type a Value box, but have since been updated to allow them to be used with other text, e.g.:

The last run was {{LastSuccessfulRunDate}}.

How to Test your Cycles

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