Each authenticated connector in an account has multiple available connector methods you can use. To call a connector method, you need the MethodUniqueIdentifier. You can use the /v1.0/connectors/{name}/methods request to retrieve a list of available methods, and their identifiers, for a connector.


GET https://yourCyclrDomain/v1.0/connectors/{name}/methods

For connectors with a version, use:

GET https://{yourCyclrDomain}/v1.0/connectors/{name}/{version}/methods

Request parameters

Parameter Description
{yourCyclrDomain} Replace with the API domain of your version of Cyclr. For example, api.cyclr.com.
{name} Replace with the connector name.
{version} Replace with the connector version.

Example response

		"Id": 116,
		"Name": "Update Ticket",
		"Description": "Updates a ticket.",
		"EndPoint": "https://api.example/updateTicket",
		"MethodUniqueIdentifier": "8f8df8ef-3007-11e7-a033-06abe76375dd"
		"Id": 117,
		"Name": "Delete Ticket",
		"Description": "Deletes a ticket.",
		"EndPoint": "https://api.example/deleteTicket",
		"MethodUniqueIdentifier": "56d8a7ef-3457-af37-a3fd-0645386a75bd"

Response parameters

Parameter Description
Id The method ID.
Name The method name.
Description The method description.
EndPoint The API endpoint.
MethodUniqueIdentifier The unique method identifier.