You need the ID of a connector before you can install it. To show a list of connectors available to the account, call the /v1.0/connectors endpoint. For more information about the endpoint, see the Interactive API reference page.


GET https://{CyclrAPIDomain}/v1.0/connectors HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer {access_token}
X-Cyclr-Account: {AccountID}

Response items

These are the values you need to include in the request when you install the connector into an account:

Parameter Type Description
Id integer The ID of the connector. Use this value as the ConnectorId when you install the connector.
Authentication.Id string The ID of the connector’s authentication type. Use the value of the authentication method you want to use as the AuthenticationId when you install the connector.

If Parameters.IsAccountConnectorProperty is true, you also need the following values:

Parameter Type Description
Parameters.TargetName String The name of the account connector property.
Parameters.Values array[string] The possible values of the account connector property.
Parameters.Id integer The ID of the account connector property.

Example response

    "Id": 12345,
    "Name": "Example",
    "Description": "Connect securely with your Example application",
    "Status": "Approved",
    "Version": "null",
    "Icon": "Base64 image data for the connector icon",
    "AuthDescription": "null",
    "AuthType": "ApiKey", <this says deprecated in swagger, should it be null?>
    "OAuth2Type": "AuthorisationCode",<can we correct the spelling here?>
    "AuthScheme": "Authorization", 
    "Parameters": [
        "IsAccountConnectorProperty": true,
        "TargetType": "Script",
        "TargetName": "isSandbox",
        "IsSensitive": false,
        "Id": 7654321,
        "Name": "Is Sandbox?",
        "Description": "Sandbox oAuth servers will not authenticate production credentials (and vice versa).",
        "IsOptional": false,
        "DataType": "Text",
        "TriggerName": "null",
        "Values": [
    "Authentication": [
        "Id": "12abc345-1a2b-123a-1ab2-1234ab5c6d7e",
        "AuthName": "OAuth 2.0",
        "AuthDescription": "In sandbox mode, sign in to see the authorization page.",
        "AuthType": "OAuth2",
        "OAuth2Type": "AuthorisationCode",
        "AuthScheme": "null"
        "Id": "12abc345-1a2b-12ab-1abc-a12b3c4e567e",
        "AuthName": "API Key",
        "AuthDescription": null,
        "AuthType": "ApiKey",
        "OAuth2Type": "AuthorisationCode",
        "AuthScheme": "Authorization"