A guide for authenticating Google connectors can be found here: Google Authentication

List Metrics Method

This method uses UA Query Explorer, which is a tool that lets you interact with the Core Reporting API, by building queries to get data from your Google Analytics views (profiles). You can use these queries in any of the client libraries to build your own tools.

Request Fields Setup

There are four required fields:

Set up request fields

  • Profile ID: Select Look Up option.

Set up request fields

Then select the desired Profile ID.

Profile ID

  • Start Date: Start date for fetching Analytics data.
  • End Date: End date for fetching Analytics data..
  • Metrics: A list of comma-separated metrics, ie. users,sessions. For a comprehensive list of Metrics option go to UA Dimensions & Metrics Explorer

Custom Method Setup

UA Query Explorer is a tool to produce custom reports, because of this, a method that would fit every type of report would not be feasible to implement. With each method in a connector you have the option of adding custom fields. Please follow the instructions in our guide Adding Custom Fields to implement this functionality.

Producing a UA Query Explorer Report

The fields we are focusing on this section are “Metrics” and “Dimensions”. For every “Metrics” and “Dimensions” field we use in our report, a custom field must be added to the method with the format: [rows].fieldName, ie. [rows].users (add the field name without “ga:”).

As an example, we are going to retrieve a report using “Users” and “Sessions” metrics, and “UserType” and “SessionCount” dimensions.

Added Custom Fields

Once the Custom Fields are added to the method they can be used in a cycle, to map data from one step to another.

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