Google apps, such as Google Sheets, Google Drive, etc., use OAuth 2. You need a Google account to create authorization credentials and get an OAuth client ID and client secret. These are then added to the appropriate Google connector in the Commectors tab of your Cyclr Console.

Here is the official documentation for creating authorization credentials:

OAuth2 Setup

Here are the steps that you need to take.

  1. Sign up for a Google account; or log into your existing account if you already have one.
  2. Go to

    Below are the details you should provide:

    Application Type: Web Application

    Name: Your Application Name

    URL: Your Cyclr service domain, e.g. This can be found in your Cyclr Console under Settings > Integration Settings > Service Domain.

    Redirect URL: you must add a callback URL to allow Google to be used in your Cyclr Console and its accounts.

    The URL is:

    • https://{{Your Cyclr service domain e.g.}}/connector/callback
  3. Go to Cyclr Console ( > Connectors > Connector Library > Google Sheets/Drive/etc. > Setup

    Client ID: This is the Client ID displayed in Google

    Client Secret: This is the Client Secret displayed in Google

Your Google connector is now set up! You can test it by installing it in one of your user accounts.

API Integration Guide

Google connectors use OAuth 2 Authorisation Code flow. It requires your end users to sign into Google and grant you access to their account.

To do this, call /UpdateAccountConnectorOAuth with a one-time sign-in token.

Google Sheets - Important Note

The Google Sheets connector has a “Get New Row Values” method, which checks for new additions to the sheet every time it’s run, and keeps its place with Cyclr Storage.

:warning: If rows are deleted from the sheet, the method will lose its place, and no longer function correctly.

In this case, the step will need to be deleted and re-added.

Additional Setup for Google AdWords

The Google AdWords connector requires additional setup before you can access its API:

  1. Sign in or sign up for a Google AdWords manager account
  2. Go to SETUP > AdWords API Centre
  3. Complete the form to create a developer token
  4. Once you have created a developer token, go to Access level > Apply for Basic Access
  5. Submit the Adwords API Token Application

Make a note of your developer token, you will need it when you use Google AdWords methods in Cyclr.

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