Gravity Forms


Please ensure you have the following things in place before you begin.

  • WordPress with Gravity Forms installed
  • Admin access to install WordPress plugins
  • A Cyclr account
  • Cyclr Gravity Forms Plugin connector installed


Once you have confirmed the above, you can then download our Gravity Forms plugin.

Download Cyclr Gravity Forms Plugin


  1. In WordPress, click Plugins and then Add New
  2. On the Add Plugins page, click Upload Plugin
  3. Locate the zip file for the plugin on your computer and upload it

Once those steps are complete, you are ready to setup the plugin.

Get your webhook’s URL from Cyclr

  • Create a cycle and install the Gravity Forms Plugin connector
  • Click/drag the Form Entry step into the builder
  • Click the cog icon on the step and copy the webhook’s URL to your clipboard; this is where your form will post its data

Set up Gravity Forms

  • In Gravity Forms, open your form for editing
  • Add a new hidden field to your form named WebhookUrl
  • On the field’s Advanced tab, set the Default Value to be the webhook URL generated by your step in Cyclr

Note: If you are using Conditional Logic to show/hide fields, make sure you added the hidden field WebhookUrl above all fields which have Conditional Logic. It is recommended to add WebhookUrl to the very top of your form.

Set up custom fields in Cyclr

Cyclr will not know about the fields you’ve added to your form by default. You will need to add these in Cyclr.

  • In the builder, open the connector in the sidebar and click the Settings button
  • Under Methods & Fields, pop open the Entries category and then the Form Entry webhook
  • On the Fields tab, click the plus button to add a new field
  • Find the names of your fields in Gravity Forms. This is easy to do: replace any white space in the Field Label to a hyphen “-” and change all uppercase letters to lowercase. If the Field Label is First Name, its field name should be first-name. If in doubt, contact our helpdesk.
  • Set the Location field to the the name of the field in Gravity Forms but with a “gf.” prefix. For example: gf.input_1
  • Set the Display Name to be anything you like; this is shown in Cyclr when you are mapping fields
  • The Description field is optional
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