Hubspot Setup

For Cyclr to connect with the Hubspot API you will need to create an “Application” in the Hubspot account, as detailed below:

NB. This part is completed once, by a Partner. The client/customer does not need their own separate application within Hubspot.

  1. Login to the Hubspot Developer Portal here
  2. Follow the Hubspot documentation to create an application
  3. In the Auth tab you will see a Client ID and Client Secret. Make a note of these to use in the connector setup.
  4. The Redirect URL that creates the link between your Cyclr Console and Hubspot is shown page where the Client ID and Client Secret are entered. It has the form https:///connector/callback.
  5. Set the desired (minimum) Scopes you require to access. See here for further information


In order to use the Products and Line Items methods, the user must be assigned a paid Sales Hub seat within Hubspot.

Connector Setup

The Connector now can be installed using the credentials obtained in the above steps:

Client ID: Client ID

Secret: Client Secret

Scopes/Optional You will need to match the Scopes you set when creating the oAuth App above

You will then be prompted to log in, select your Hubspot and authorize access to the connector.

Important note about Account selection

After entering your Client ID and Secret, and signing into hubspot, you will be presented with the Choose an Account screen.

It is important to select the main account, rather than the developer account. You can identify the main account by looking for the one with Products attached.

In the example below, this would be the “Cyclr” account.

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