If you have the connector ID, you can install the connector into an account. To install the connector, call the /v1.0/connectors/{id}/install endpoint.


POST https://{yourCyclrInstance}/v1.0/connectors/{ConnectorId}/install HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer {access_token}
X-Cyclr-Account: {AccountID}
  "Name": "{ConnectorName}",
  "Description": "{ConnectorDescription}",
  "AuthenticationId": "{AuthenticationId}",
  "AuthValue": "{AuthValue}",
  "Properties": [
      "Name": "{PropertyName}",
      "Value": "{PropertyValue}",
      "Id": {PropertyId},

Request parameters

Path parameter Type Description
{ConnectorId} integer Enter the ID of the connector you want to install.
Body parameters   Type Description
Name   string Name the account connector
Description   string, optional Describe the account connector.
AuthenticationId   string Enter the ID of the authentication method you want to use. See Get connectors for more information.
AuthValue   string, optional Basic Authentication: enter the base64 encoded value of the username and password.
Oauth: enter the {access_token}.
API Key: enter the {ApiKey}.
Properties   Array, optional If Parameters.IsAccountConnectorProperty is true in the GET connectors response, include this array of values from the response.
  Name string Enter the Parameters.TargetName value.
  Value array[string] Enter a value from the options in Parameters.Values.
  Id integer Enter the Pararameters.Id value.

Example response

  "Id": 54321,
  "Name": "Installed Example",
  "Description": "Alex's Example account connector",
  "AuthValue": "access_token",
  "Authenticated": true,
  "Connector": {
    "Id": 12345,
    "Name": "Example",
    "Description": "Connect securely with your Example application",
    "Status": "Approved",
    "Version": "null",
    "Icon": "Base64 image data for the connector icon",
    "AuthDescription": "null",
    "AuthType": "ApiKey", <this says deprecated in swagger, should it be null?>
    "OAuth2Type": "AuthorisationCode",<can we correct the spelling here?>
    "AuthScheme": "Authorization",
    "Parameters": [...],


Authentication is optional in this call because, if your customer has access to the account, they can authenticate the connector themselves.

For more information on how to authenticate a specific application connector, see the Application connector guides documentation.

If the connector uses OAuth authentication, see the page on how to Authenticate OAuth connectors (API) to send the customer an authentication link.