Partner Setup

Intercom uses OAuth 2 for remote API access. You must register Cyclr within Intercom as your own App to receive OAuth Client ID and Client Secret values to enable Cyclr to authenticate with Intercom.

The official Intercom documentation describing the process can be found here:

Redirect URL: you must add 2 callback URLs to allow Intercom to be used in your Cyclr Console templates as well as your Cyclr accounts.

These URLs are:

  • https://{{Your Cyclr console domain e.g. or}}/connector/callback
  • https://{{Your Cyclr service domain e.g.}}/connector/callback

Your Cyclr Partner Service Domain can be found in your Cyclr Console under Settings > Integration Settings.

Required Permissions

  • Read one user and one company
  • Write conversations
  • Read admins
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