Korvue CRM setup

Korvue CRM provides you with credentials and a base URL when you sign up for your account.

Cyclr setup

  1. To set up the Korvue CRM connector in Cyclr:

  2. Go to your Cyclr Console.

  3. Select Connectors > Application Connector Library at the top of the page.

  4. Use the search box to find the Korvue CRM connector.

  5. Select the Setup Required icon.

  6. Enter the below values:

    Value Description
    Base URL The Base URL of your application’s API instance.
    Username The username of your Korvue account.
    Password The password of your Korvue account.
  7. Select Save Changes.

Note: To use different settings for different accounts, leave the value blank. This means Cyclr asks you to enter the value when you install the connector into an account.

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