Magento 2 Webhooks Setup

It is assumed that you have already installed our Magento 2 Webhooks plugin.

To authenticate the connector you will need to use your existing Magento 2 API Key.

If you have not yet set up an integration within Magento for Cyclr to use (for the main Magento connector) - there are instructions on how to do so here:

To find your API key when this is done,

  1. Log in to the admin portal, and click System > Extensions > Integrations.
  2. Click the Edit pencil next to your integration.

  3. Scroll down and copy your access token

Now that you have your Access token go to the Connector Setup page in Cyclr.

  1. On the first page you should enter the URL of your Magento site e.g. and click Next.
  2. Paste your Access Token into the API Key field and click Next. (Be sure to enter your Access Token and not your Consumer Key).
  3. Your connector is now setup and ready to go!

Depending on your firewall settings you may need to manually enable DELETE commands.

Available Webhooks

  • Customer
    • New Customer
    • Customer Updated
    • Customer Deleted
  • Product
    • New Product
    • Product Updated
    • Product Deleted
  • Order
    • New Order
    • Order Updated
  • Subscriber
    • Subscriber Saved
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